About project / Description

Historical and international rebranding of the Ukrainian dimension in the Second World War through the fate of people who through their actions contributed to the fight against totalitarianism, defended democratic ideals and citizens' convictions; embodying the ideals of peace, humanism and tolerance, made efforts to overcome xenophobia and racial discrimination.

Preparation of biographical essays (historical portraits) about persons related to the theme of the current session. Formation of an accessible narrative base. - Involvement of young people and researchers in the study of the past and modern methods of its presentation. Preparation of the documentary materials based on the results of each project session. Filling and popularizing the site - портрети.com.ua. Addition of museum funds with artifacts and their presentation. Popularization of project results at scientific conferences, forums, through domestic and foreign mass media, in international inter-museum cooperation, etc.
Expected results

International recognition of the high degree of courage and sacrifices of Ukrainians during the Second World War; the formation of a youth community that will become repeaters of the Ukrainian historical vision in the domestic and international space.

Curators of the project